All Stitch Stretch Wear


All-Stitch specializes in building stretch garments. Fancy or plain, puzzled or appliqued, we custom make unitards, leotards, and tights with any style preferences that the client requires. Our basic stretch garments are built using either shiny or matte milliskin, or in the case of white garments, the heavier moleskin. Necklines for unitards and leotards can be turtleneck, scoop, batteau, X, or V, as low or high as the client desires. Unitards and leotards can have long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, cap sleeves, tank top, or camisole top. About the only thing we don’t do to our stretch wear is paint designs. Anything else, and we’ll make it work. If it stretches, we can build using it. We applique boldly and intricately, and we apply stones and spangles. We can cut out, keyhole, and tease with illusion. The imagination of the design is our only limit.


About AbbytheSue

Dancing is what I am all about. Whether it's belly dancing at a local venue, salsa dancing at latin night downtown, or balancing on something or it on me, I can't get enough. I love to read fantasy fiction, plant/herb reference, biographies, and chinese medicine textbooks. I aspire to learn the violin, to be a green thumb, and known as the lady that lives in the house on the corner covered in Wisteria and grapevines.

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