Kelle Company


It started with a desire to create a company that stretched all boundaries. A fresh approach to costume design that would inspire our customers and create a “buzz” in the market.

I wanted our customers to say, “I have to have that!” “That’s new!” “Fresh – different – unique!” In our eyes, you deserved more. Our employees continue to focus on this goal by dreaming and delivering outside the box. Because when you dance with Kellé, you become part of something that has been made with heart, with vision – in true Kellé spirit.

Over the years, Kellé has grown and developed an inner rhythm that dares to be different. A shared vision that is embraced by every employee of our company.


About AbbytheSue

Dancing is what I am all about. Whether it's belly dancing at a local venue, salsa dancing at latin night downtown, or balancing on something or it on me, I can't get enough. I love to read fantasy fiction, plant/herb reference, biographies, and chinese medicine textbooks. I aspire to learn the violin, to be a green thumb, and known as the lady that lives in the house on the corner covered in Wisteria and grapevines.

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